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« In this situation, you are in charge of a department, whose hierarchy imposes to delegate to one of your employees a job that you would do. You have to transmit to your colleague all information required for this colleague to succeed in the best way. »

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Product Description


  • 1h


  • French
  • English

Targeted audience

  • Middle Management
  • Lower Management
  • Public with management responsibilities

Educational Objectives

  • Awareness of delegation’s issues
  • To master best practices of delegation


  • Combination of a didactical e-learning module and a role-playing as a Serious Game for an optimal impact

Analysis axes

  • Appropriate formulation
  • Participative listening and empathy
  • Interview’s structure
  • Co-workers motivation
  • Concrete objectives
  • Management levels
  • Active support

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51 – 150 – 10 %
151 – 250 – 20 %
251 – 500 – 30 %
More of 500 – 40 %
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